Saving our Earth

A Denver-area activist by the name of Jon Urbana is dedicated to helping to save our earth for future generations by teaching and working with youth, the future generations.

Jon makes it clear on Twitter (follow him) that he is dedicated to continuing to leave his legacy by working with youth throughout the world. Jon is passionate about the work he does with youth through his various community outreach and camps. He has started a GoFundMe campaign in an effort to raise funds to bring an awareness of the need for youth to become involved in this effort.

GoFundMe is an innovative way for individuals like Urbana to make a difference, and for groups to receive funding for anything that is passionate to them. GoFundMe is an international campaign that has been used by hundreds of thousands of individuals to fund their project whether it be personal, educational or community it serves a purpose.

Jon’s current campaign, supports Earth Force.

Earth Force engages youth throughout the world to become involved in their community by researching and implementing ecologically strong projects. . It teaches them the skills necessary to build a sustainable environment. Youth are taught environmental programs that impact their area.

These programs can include, water knowledge and how they can improve the water in their areas. The program emphasizes youth to choose a project that is in their community or a project that will have an impact globally with a focus on climate change and other factors. It is important for this generation of youth to become involved in real world problems, that allow students to become involved through their schools, community and other civic organizations.

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