Sergio Cortés Wows Many With Dead On MJ Impression

Many individuals dream of being a performer. But for most this dream is something that is never attained. When we see the incredible talent of an individual who has ascended the show business ladder, we stand in awe of their amazing talents and abilities, and we quickly realized that we ourselves will never attain the amount of talent that individual holds.
However there are some who decide to shoot for their dreams and in the process, become well known performers, executing their craft for thousands of fans. Sergio Cortés is just such a person, and after pursuing his lifelong dream, is now considered one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators alive today.

Cortés’s story is a inspiring one. It began when he was just five years old, witnessing his childhood idol, Michael Jackson, performing on TV with his brothers, the legendary pop group, The Jackson Five. Cortez was quickly captivated by the amazing moves and singing ability of Michael Jackson, the five year old main singer of the group, to the point where he began to imitate his various onstage moves and mannerisms.

His big break came one day when he was spotted outdoors by a local news photographer. The photojournalist was amazed at how much Cortés looked like his hero Jackson. The photographer approached Cortés and asked him if he could take a picture of him to be published in a local newspaper. Cortés agreed to be photographed, and the next day his published picture set off a media firestorm. People who saw the photographs were amazed at his uncanny resemblance to Jackson. He was approached by a talent agency, who wanted him for an impressions show. Cortés agreed and the rest is history. Cortés now does shows all over the world, giving homage to his childhood hero Michael Jackson.

Even now, years after the pop singer’s untimely death, when Sergio Cortés walks down a street, he immediately elicits stares and curiosity. He has developed a large fan base, and has appeared on many television shows, as well as countless performances on the stage. His Facebook page features still pictures of himself as well as concert footage. These concerts are attended by his thousands of fans, and he regularly receives messages from fans and well-wishers on how his dead on impression of Jackson touches them.
Cortés has taken the dreams of emulating his childhood hero and turned it into a successful career as an entertainer himself. Destiny Project, a well-known artist management company is responsible for handling Cortés and his numerous appearances.

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