Share Your Wit and Wisdom on Wikipedia

There’s one at every party. You know, that guy that knows everything. He’s got opinions and facts coming out of his ears, but everybody knows that he’s full of crap. He used to be easy to spot, but not anymore. With virtually every fact instantly verifiable at the touch of a screen, it’s not as impressive to be “knowledgeable” about every single topic. You can’t bluff your point when someone can prove you wrong almost before the words have even left your mouth. Today’s technology makes it possible for everyone to be a know-it-all.

What to do with all of that knowledge.
At least these Wikipedia writers still have an outlet. With information gathering sites like Wikipedia, there is always somewhere to share the abundance of facts and information that many of us carry, but don’t have the courage or personality to share in a group setting. You can create a page, or edit an existing entry. There are no tests to take, or memberships to pay for. You just share what you know, and if your information isn’t accurate, someone else will edit it.

Simple steps.
Sound intimidating? It’s not. There are just a few guidelines that must be adhered to. The entire process is outlined on the Wikipedia website, but I’ll give you the basics right here:
Register. All you need is a user name and password.
Search. Make sure the topic isn’t already covered by someone else.
Practice. You can use your page to create an entry without submitting it until you are ready.
Gather references. This is the part that is actually work. Although your opinions may be correct, you need to back them up.
Request feedback. This is another “suggested” rule. You can ask for feedback from other authors before you submit your work.
Submit. Once your article is ready, preview and save.

Still Scared?
If you’re still a little nervous, you can always get someone else to do the hard part. Get Your Wiki, is a website dedicated to helping people get their information uploaded. From start to finish, they can help you with some or all of the “hoops” that must be jumped through to become published.

I’m still not sure that having a whole room full of know-it-alls makes a better party. But, at least you can get your two-cents worth in. Even if it means waiting until you get home to fire up your computer.

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