Spring into Fantasy with Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye

We’ve all felt it. That bored, rather-be-doing-anything-else, staring at the wall feeling. Maybe you’re watching the snow melt or waiting for your bread to hurry up and toast so that you won’t be late (again!) to the office. Yes, we all dig into the drudgery sometimes. But… what if there was another way? What if there was something you could do right now to mix it up in a major way (without freaking out and quitting your job, or picking up and moving to Belize). There is a much more enjoyable way to pop out of the mundane and into delicious fantasy world.


Lime Crime is offering fun, fantasy inspired Unicorn Hair Dye in all sorts of crazy-awesome colors. Anime, Neon Peach, Pony… the list of fabulousness goes on and on! If you’re up for the wild and fun, and are dying to mix it up this spring, you need to check this out. It’s only semi permanent (unlike walking out of your job) and will gently wash out over time. Lime Crime is a pretty cool company too, if you’ve got a conscience. Every ingredient in Unicorn Dye is completely vegan. So animal lovers, Unicorn lovers… lovers of color and getting crazy stares from the grocery checkout clerk, unite! There is now a hair dye made just for you.


Pair quirky colors with bold makeup and even bolder styles. You know that life is meant to be lived — and is waiting for bread to toast really living? Shake it up. Yes, at first you might be obsessed with matching your purple locks with bright purple eyeliner or purple leggings. But don’t forget about compliments! Not just from those around you – I’m talking about complementing colors. Orange is set off by Blue. Purple compliments Yellow. Green and red (if you can get around sending out too many Christmas vibes) are incredibly pleasing to the eye when paired together. Get your inner artist on and start mixing and matching in a whole new way. http://www.dollskill.com/shop/lime-crime.html

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