Stan Lee Films Marvel’s X-Men TV Show Cameo

Sten Lee has just filmed his most recent cameo for a Marvel Comics property. This time, instead of a motion picture, the iconic Mr. Lee is appearing in the new X-Men television series.


Lee will turn 95 this year and is not even remotely slowing down when it comes to making cameos in Marvel Comics movie and television projects.


Fans have been speculating whether or not the character Lee plays in all the cameos is the same person. Marvel is willing to concede he is. Marvel’s consistent affection for Lee is on display in all the cameos “Stan the Man” performs. The current Disney-owned incarnation of Marvel should be thankful to Lee. He created or co-created almost all the major properties the company is earning money from.


The arrival of an X-Men television series is somewhat ironic. Lee created the X-Men in the 1960’s and, despite his enormous success with other heroes and super teams, the X-Men failed to really garner much traction with readers. The series did poorly and ended up featuring reprints while bordering on cancellation. Eventually, writer Chris Claremont would save the day by reinventing the team in the 1970’s.


The new X-Men series is going to debut on Fox and will surely be a hit on the network. The X-Men have a strong fan following, one that translated into major cinematic success. Why wouldn’t the TV show be a huge hit.


Right now, the Stan Lee cameo can be glimpsed in an on-set photo. Soon, we’ll all be seeing him on the small screen.


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