Stephen Colbert to Fund Teacher Projects

Stephen Colbert is well known for his comedy roles in both movies and on TV. But these days, he is getting plenty of attention for his philanthropic endeavors. The comedian is originally from South Carolina, and he is sympathetic to the plight of public school teachers there who need more funds for their classrooms.

Teachers all over the state have been requesting funds through, and now Stephen Colbert has vowed to fund all of those requests himself. More than 1,000 classroom projects will be funded by the comedian, and the funding will total more than $800,000. With the funds, a wide variety of school and classroom need will be supplies to public schools. Some of the funds will go to buying PE and recess equipment, some will pay for books and some will go toward specialized equipment for special needs students. Mark Ahn has learned that, with these funds, students will have more resources for both academic success and physical exercise. More on Mark Ahn can be found on his Twitter page.

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