Steve Ritchie Influential Roles in the Growth of Papa John’s Company

Mr. Steve Richie has over the years been the chief executive officer-CEO, of Papa John’s International Inc-PJII, and has played various roles in being its president since July 30, 2015. Steve also served as the senior vice president-SVP of the company and was the chief operating officer-COO. As a vice President-VP of international operations, provision, and training, he served in various positions leading to the success of Papa John’s company. Steve Ritchie led in many strategies that helped in the growth of the company.

Papa John’s Success in the Company and an Apology to Customers

Papa John’s company is majorly known to be the third largest pizza delivery company. It is located in Louisville, Kentucky. Over the years, customers have rated Papa John’s company as the best in producing the best pizzas in the United States. It has shown its competitive abilities to other selling pizza companies, with an appealing slogan of better ingredients for better pizzas. Mr. Steve being the chief executive officer-CEO has ensured that he plays dedicated roles.

Steve Ritchie’s Apology

At one point, Steve Ritchie was forced to write an apology to the company’s customers to enhance more sales; customers needed a good approach from a person in high ranking to apologize, as per Yahoo Finance. He indicated that the company was sorry for the offensive words that had been altered earlier. Steve Ritchie made known to the people that those words will no longer affect the company’s reputation in any way. Any insensitive words spoken will not be accepted in any way, nor any racism practiced by the company. He assured all customers that the company would produce the best services and quality pizzas. Steve Ritchie promised that the company would invite professionals, and experts to ensure an ethical culture in the company. The expertise will work to ensure that weaknesses within the company are identified.

The management ensured that it gets both positive and negative feedback, and tackle it effectively. Mr. Steve also promised to ensure accountability, and transparency in the company’s welfare. Steve Ritchie apology letter to the company’s customers ensured that they are back on track, as posted on Facebok. He assured that he regained the trust of all the customers. He stated that such behaviors would not be tolerated anymore in the company.

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