Susan McGalla Talks About Her Own Business Experiences As A Woman

Susan McGalla is well known as one of the top names in fashion branding and marketing who has seen her career take many different paths over the years as she has looked to develop her career without using gender as an issue. In fact, McGalla has spent the majority of her career questioning the problems faced by women in business and looking to change the expectations and thoughts of women who are seeking to enter the business world and match her success. Susan McGalla has stated in interviews that her own career at American Eagle and now with the Pittsburgh Steelers has been lived without any thought given to whether she could achieve something because of her gender.

Susan McGalla left Mount Union College and embarked on a career that led her to the American Eagle clothing brand as a buyer. The native of East Liverpool, Ohio states she worked her way through the corporate maze at American Eagle to eventually take on the role of President and Marketing Executive without questioning herself or her career choices in terms of her gender. The only point at which McGalla questions herself is when she attends business trips and makes sure she is not the last to arrive at the very first meeting of a journey.

During the course of her career Susan McGalla has faced challenges, but has largely used her childhood and family values to guide her through to a position of success. Instead of being told she could do anything a woman was capable of by her football coach father, Susan McGalla was told she could do whatever could be achieved by a person of any gender. In her remarks about the way to encourage women to take up more high powered roles in the business community she has called for less focus to be placed on the gender issue and more on encouraging women to achieve on their own. by switching the focus from gender to those of simply achieving what is possible she believes the road to success can be made a little easier. After leaving her position with American Eagle, Susan McGalla is now an executive consultant with her own company and has returned to the football world with her role as head of strategic planning with the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL franchise. The role with the Steelers brings McGalla back to a male dominated industry that she has entered without fear or thought of how her gender may play a role in any possible advancement.

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