Talk Fusion is growing businesses through video marketing

In 2007 there was an app created to help businesses increase sales and profits. The app is called Talk Fusion and it allows video creation that assist with marketing. This app has become a business owners networking dream especially one who is constantly on the move. Even though the main component is video email, the app is continuing to grow and recently added a video chat feature. Being available in 140 countries, reaching a larger market in business has become easy with Talk Fusion. The app is downloadable on Apple and Android. Being able to share a video via email is guaranteed to get and keep any client, customer or partners attention over a traditional email. Videos can be recorded live or uploaded with the app. The app also allows for calls and messages to take place between friends and family and as long as Wifi, 3G or 4G are available, unlimited business or personal messages can be sent. Private meetings can be created and secured within the app. There is also an opportunity to host international video calls on mobile or desktop devices.


One of the differences with Talk Fusion is that it is ad free! That is definitely a bonus because most apps requires an additional fee to get rid of ads or doesn’t have the option for removing them at all. In addition, chat rooms can be started based on the country. That feature allows for chat invitations to be sent and the chat room is opened to multiple people and it shows who is active online. The chat also lets anyone send clear and blurry free picture messages. The conversations done through the chat can be saved and accessed another time if needed. Ultimately plenty of businesses have grown using Talk Fusion and professionals are enjoying using the app to get better engagement from clients. Anyone that is not currently using video email marketing should give them a try. Learn more:

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