Talk Fusion Takes #1 Spot for Video Services

Talk Fusion is ramping up in the international scene after its official launch. The video service is #1 in Indonesia, and not far behind in Japan and Switzerland. Of course, when an app provides better technology and prices than the competition, it makes sense that higher popularity would ensue.

The Talk Fusion app suite provides various functions: video chat, video email, video newsletters, and more. You can download Talk Fusion on Apple, PC, Android, and most tablets. Talk fusion made waves first with its video email service. Users can easily upload any video from their device of choice into the online Talk Fusion portal. From there, you can select from over 100 templates and send your email to one or to many.

Typical software, like Skype, only provides one function. However, Talk Fusion is a suite of options at your disposal, without the high price tag. Aside from the new 30-day free trial that Talk Fusion is offering, the overall price is greatly reduced from the competition. The affordability is a result of the CEO and founder’s mission for the company.

Bob Reina started the early development of Talk Fusion in 2007. His reason was simple: he wanted to create a better way to send videos in emails after realizing how difficult it was himself. Working closely with his friend and IT expert, he created the innovative technology and started offering it to the public. It took off like wildfire.

Thanks to direct selling associates across 140 countries, Talk Fusion is delivered straight to users without any interference. The company adheres to strong principles, such as the policies of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). They also give back to communities, charities, and animal rights organizations. This is because Bob Reina understands the amount or responsibility that comes with such immense success.

You can discover the magic of Talk Fusion on your device of choice for free for thirty days. Simply navigate to the Google Play Store or go to Then download the app and try it for yourself. See why people all around the world can’t stop talking about Talk Fusion.

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