Tammy Mazzocco – Ohio Real Estate Agent & Licensed Realtor Since 1995

Tammy Mazzocco commenced her profession in real estate while operating as secretary with The Edwards Realty Company, which is a commercial real estate company. At the company, she teamed with 9 commercial agents under Mike Zelnik leadership, which is another dynamic commercial Realtor. The idea for Tammy Mazzocco to become a real estate operator came in a special way. It was first initiated while she worked as a manager with a real estate broker who motivated her to get a permit in 1995. According to Mazzocco, Real estate incorporates her whole vocation being his passion! Mazzocco starts each day with medication and some agendas to meet. If possible, she gets the most imperative tasks done first before checking on emails and evening getting on the telephone. She believes the best way to bring ideas to life is via brainstorming, doing research and having a business plan to test the idea’s feasibility.

In her business, she likes the lead organizations who are exchanging live clients to communicate with. In the event that she contacts somebody, she is more probable to have the appointment with that person and that means high chances of making the sale. One habit that makes her to remain productive as a business person is having goals and breaking them into action steps. She believes there is the need to know what to do which day and what time. Mazzocco advices those interested in the entrepreneurial sector to live without the fear of failing or limiting yourself. As a business visionary, it is also good to treat the investment and time of your client as yours. First you don’t need to focus on benefits only but according to Mazzocco you should ensure that your clients reap the benefits too, more details can be found on Ideamensch.

During an interview, she reviewed that lead companies such as Realtor and Zillow assisted her to much to cultivate and develop her business although her key strategy is to offer professional and best services to her clients. Referrals and repeat business add up to 85% of her business. One of the challenges she encountered during the first days in business is being uncomfortable addressing people regarding their finances and at the time not conducting a great task regarding pre-qualifying leads, thus she wasted a bit of time. To overcome the same, she learnt some scripts on the way different agents utilized and practiced them until she become conversant with the same.

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