Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco is an example of the great American dream where a person can accomplish whatever one sets out to do in life if the right knowledge and work ethic are applied. Tammy started in the real estate business in the early nineties as a secretary in a commercial real estate firm. She next was a manager for a condominium development for seven years.

In 1995 she got her real estate license because she saw the potential, yet she still worked in the background as a licensed assistant. She saw how successful real estate brokers worked with their office and people, and in 1999 she went full-time in the real estate business.

The real estate market Northern and Central Ohio in 2016 was a good market because there were lots of jobs available, says Homes.com. People were doing well, and lots of houses were being sold because the people had money and the urge to buy them. Near the end of the year, about the middle of November, the market began to slack off a bit, mainly due to a housing shortage. There were still people looking for houses.

For Tammy Mazzocco, she didn’t worry too much about that because by now she had figured out that the real estate business is a people business. When you find solutions to the people problems, the rest takes care of itself. It goes to say that if you find a family a good house that can solve a lot of the people problems.

Tammy views herself as a facilitator. She facilitates finding security for families by selling them a home. Admittedly, she says she is a little on the shy side, but she opens up the conversation and when everyone gets to talking she listens. Tammy’s customers like to say that her personal and helpful manner were one of the main reasons that they did business with her.

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