Taylor Swift…Historian?

Although most of her songs happen to deal with modern romance, apparently Taylor Swift has history on the brain these days—at least, when it comes to her real estate. Back in 2015, the songstress purchased the beautiful Beverly Hills home of movie maestro Samuel Goldwyn. Although the seller had tried to get $39 million for it, Swift was able to sweep up the sale for a cool $25 million—talk about a deal!


Right away, Swift set about renovating the home—and then she got in contact with the Beverly Hills Cultural Heritage Commission to ask about making the home a Local Historic Landmark. Built in 1934, the property is located on Laurel Lane. Today, the Beverly Hills City Council is gong to approve Swift’s request, which will make the property eligible for all kinds of tax breaks. Boasting a swimming pool, five-car garage and tennis court, the property is suited for entertaining both modern stars and those from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Indeed, Samuel Goldwyn’s story—as a rags-to-riches Polish Jew coming to the United States to make it big—is like a movie in and of itself.


It’s not difficult to see why Swift was drawn to this home, which is perched up in a prime area of Beverly Hills. Central to everything in Los Angeles, it will be easy for Swift to come and go from this lovely house, and friends will love to stay in the ample guest accommodations. There is no doubt that Swift has made an excellent investment here; although the house certainly cost a lot, it is said that the young singer is worth upwards of $150 million, so affording this property was no problem for Ms. Swift.


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