Teachers Fight Through Snow To Deliver Food To Students

Schools and businesses like the Amen Clinic have been closed in Cincinnati, Ohio for several days now and it is likely to extend to be the entire week. There has been so much an incredible amount of snow this year and many of the children who attend the Newport Independent Schools might be going hungry this week.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Cinncinatti.com, about one half of all the kids who attend school there qualify for free meals or get really big discounts on them due to their family not being in the best economic standing. As a result, the principal Kyle Niederman was concerned that no school meant no food for many of the kids. So he decided to put a team together and deliver their free, nutritious meals to the kids’ homes. Around 24 teachers showed up to help deliver the food packs and they managed to get 66 meals out to some of the kids. The food is nonperishable and should last them through the weekend if they need it. 

Principal Niederman was happy to be able to do something for the children, because this kind of weather is hard enough but they shouldn’t have to be on an empty stomach as well. He can rest assured that until they find out on Monday if classes are on or not, the kids will have been fed.

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