Terminally Ill Costco Employee Gets Vacation From Loyal Customers

Sometimes people are capable of doing the most wonderful things, and one employee at Costco branch in California got the surprise of a lifetime.

According to the Epoch Times, 45 year old Arlie Smith has been working for Costco since his early 20s, and had found out a little while ago that he has Multiple Sclerosis. Now on top of that he was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer and has been given about two years left to live. Generous shoppers who have known and see Arlie at the store all the time decided that they wanted to do something special for him and his wife.

According to an article found on reddit and written by KTVU.com, the Costo store where he works raised over $2,500 to send his wife and himself for four days to his favorite place to vacation in Laguna Beach. He was so shocked to find this out and so incredibly grateful that it was hard for him not to be smiling from ear to ear. However, despite his conditions everyone has said that he is still the most happy and friendly person anyone could ever run into. For most people it would be very difficult to process that kind of information and still remain with a positive attitude, but Arlie is not letting his sicknesses get the better of him. It is really nice that those customers went out of their way like that,.

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