The Achievements of Flavio Maluf

Achieving a balance between career and family life is one of the hardest things. But career people like Flavio Maluf are able to juggle between this. In fact, he does it like he was born for it. He is able to strike a balance between family, his career and community. And, the fact that he is the president of one of the largest companies in Brazil doesn’t seem to deter him.



Following his election as the president of Eucatex, he has seen the company expand its operations to over 37 countries. He also oversaw the opening of the first industrial plants in Botatu City and Salto, as from the year 2010. Under the leadership of this respectable businessman, this company has grown to achieve an annual profit margin of R$10 million. And, by the year 2014, the company’s market share had grown by approximately 30%.



Even with such commendable achievements, he still manages to have time for his family. He has one wife, Jaque Torres, and his three kids who seems to be following his footsteps. Additionally, he spares some of his money to better the health condition in Brazil. He has been recorded to donate to maternities and hospitals in the country. He also makes charitable donations to non-profit companies that plant trees in Brazil.



Flavio Maluf’s Journey in Eucatex



Flavio Maluf joined Eucatex in the year1987. That year he was recalled from New York to come and serve the family business. He left his career in New York- He was at the time working for Grand Food, following the completion of his postgraduate studies from the New York University.



He joined the company working in various position in the trade segment of the company. Flavio was in charge of local trade before being promoted to oversee foreign trade. He stayed there for 9 years before being transferred to the industrial division. That same year his uncle invited him to serve at the executive board. And, a year later, through an anonymous vote, he was voted president of the company.


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