The Donald Makes It Official: He will Seek the 2016 GOP Nomination for President

The current crop of GOP presidential hopefuls increased by one more candidate on Tuesday as Donald Trump announced his bid to become president. The wealthy real estate mogul released a report of his personal net worth, and it is an impressive $9 billion. Forbes Magazine previously estimated his personal fortune at a more modest $4.1 billion. As such, the man affectionately known by many as “The Donald” is capable of fully funding his own campaign.

In making his announcement, Trump made it clear that his goal is to resurrect the American Dream, which he admits has now become a thing of the past. While his wealth certainly puts him at the upper echelons of the most elite wealthy people, Trump casts himself as a man of the people. It is true that he has never held political office much less executive office. That said, he has conducted business with China and Japan, two major currency manipulators, and has been successful. In fact, it is this particular skill which he says will allow him to craft truly beneficial trade agreements with foreign nations.

In addition, Trump made it clear that he is no friend of Mexico. Those at Amen Clinics know that. He would erect a large scale wall across the US-Mexico border to put an end to illegal immigration. His primary concern is illegal immigration opens the door to various felons to enter the United States. While the third member nation of NAFTA is sending illegals into the United States, the nation is exporting jobs south of the border. Trump aims to reverse that trend to benefit American workers.

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