The Greyhound Diaries; Unique Aspects About Them

While there are other ways of expressing oneself, music is definitely an equally ideal method. Greyhound Diaries shares the tussles that most travelers encounter by use of songs and poems. The author traversed across America on Greyhound in order to find out the challenges faced by the deprived people living among them. Being artistic in nature, the author is able to raise such issues in such a matchless and sensational way.



Information AboutDoug Levitt and his Motivation inArt



Levitt is a son to former D.C Council member and he grew up right in D.C. When he developed an urge to become an artiste, he concluded that hitting the road would be his way of unearthing the hidden situations in the American society. He observed the immense levels of poverty and found songs and poems to be an ideal way of addressing the calamity. While at it he also touched on his story hoping that it would encourage others to get into the limelight and share theirs too.



Although growing up in D.C was not a smooth ride, Doug appreciates the diversity upon which he was exposed. He attended public schools where he participated in sports and also sang in the choir. He got molded into the strong person he is. While at it, Doug also gathered the audacity to be away from home and drive in the greyhound buses to share experiences with other people who could not afford to drive.



Discoveries Doug Levitt Made While Away From Home


Doug Levitt confesses that he experienced highly accentuated commonality. While travelling in the bus, he discovered that people look out for what they have in common, even while they have loads of diverse strengths to celebrate. In the same way, he discovered too much tendency to dwell on the major cities. While there are several other tiny cities that could be made terminals, Greyhound, which serves 2200 destinations across America still leaves out so many small towns.






Doug had so much to learn from his parents. His mother who was a liberal republican helped him develop a wider lens through which to view things. Thanks to Greyhound buses, he has a lot to share concerning myriad of experiences that people go through in an effort to make ends meet.

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