The Last Few Months

About a year and a half ago, my grandfather was diagnosed with brain cancer. The thought of him wasting away in a hospital room was absolutely terrifying to me. There was no way that I could let this happen, I had to do something to do something to change the outcome of the situation, and I did. It cost a little bit more than I had hoped, but I set up hospice care for my grandfather so he rest peacefully at his own home until it was his time. I honestly believe that being at home during your last few months would be anyone’s dying wish.

After making sure I had found the perfect hospice worker, I than had to find a cleaning company that could help my grandfather out on a weekly and possibly even daily basis. After a week of making continuous phone calls to different agencies, I finally found the perfect match. The name of the business was called Handy. Handy had nothing but great reviews, and from what I could tell, excellent staff all the way around. My main concern was that I wanted only one person to care for my grandfather through the agency. Thankfully, Handy had no issues with placing a wonderful woman named Stacy in the slot to clean his home until his time was up.

I owe it to Handy and the lady from hospice care for making my grandfathers last few moments as easy as possible for him. Never once did he have to lift a finger to clean anything in his home and the cleaning lady was also their to lend her ear when my grandfather felt like chatting the day away. It takes a kind soul and a great company to be able to work with the elderly who are on their last few months of life. I honestly never thought I could look back at those few months and smile, but, because of Handy I can. If only everyone could do what I did for my grandfather and make his life as easy as possibly, every elderly person in the world would live in peace. Download their app for iOS and Android today!

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