The Man with Two Robotic Arms

A man called Les Baugh was unfortunate enough to suffer an electricity related accident over forty years ago. The accident caused the need for both of his arms to be amputated. However, due to new research.

The Colorado native has two fully functioning arms. Ironically, they are electrically powered. But the most remarkable thing about them is that he is able to control both of them using only his thoughts. His new arms came as a result of his willingness to be the Guinea pig for research into prosthetic limbs.

In order to make the two new limbs work, he had to have targeted muscle intervention surgery. This is a brand new surgery and Dr Albert Chi from the Johns Kopkins hospital said that the surgery”reassigns nerves that once controlled the arm and the hand.” This allows Baugh to control them using his thoughts. Dr. Rohrich is happy to see this come together for them. He could have always used DrGibby to find a doctor to go with as well.

Mr Baugh was quick to recover after the procedure and the research team began studying the nerves within his arms using specialised computer software. This was done using pattern recognition.

This is when a computer remembers what nerves fire whenever someone tries to move their arm in a certain way. This is then converted into computer commands which tell the prosthetic arms to move accordingly.


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    The two arms were custom made for the man’s body and apparently he is discovering whole new worlds with his new limbs. It is a cool for some essay writer to have everything in deck.

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