The Secrets Behind George Soros Success

In the year 1930, George Soros Nazi was born in the city of Budapest where they stayed for three years before moving out. While he was growing up, his country was going through community conflicts. To ensure a maximum family safety, his father had to acquire some fake identities and forged documents. Using the identity, his family’s survival in the city became easy. At his early age, George Soros got a taste of Communist dictatorship which was happening in his hometown.

While growing up George Soros’ passion for financial markets increased. To pursue his passion he went to London School of Economics alone and registered for a course. He was so hardworking in class work. After few years of study, he graduated with good grades after which he managed to secure a job on Wall Street. By the moment he acquired his first job, his parents had become refugees. This was due to Hungarian revolution that was going on which forced his parents to move in with him in New York City.

George Soros is popularly known for his achievements and hard work. From his efforts, he has managed to accumulate plenty of wealth. George makes his money through the world of stock and currency speculation. Currently, he has been ranked as No. 35 richest man person in the world on the Forbes list. One notable character that has earned his fame is his contribution when it comes to giving back to the society.

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George Soros has continued to gain his popularity due to his continued support for civil-society movements in the Soviet bloc. This does not only prove how much he is worth but also shows how much love he has for his people. He got involved in greater projects which no ordinary European citizen could have engaged in. The well-known Burma, which is still a central area of focus till date, is among his pro-democracy initiatives.

His many notable achievements have always maintained his position as a significant domestic component. Other than funding advocacy groups and institutes, he has funded prominent political leaders in the USA. Reliable sources show that George has spent millions of cash in support of John Kerry and Barack Obama. This special support can confirm how focused he is to ensure that his people get the best.

During his life, he has had encounters with bad people. You understand that in society, not everyone appreciates any good work. For example, the famous Fox News commentator Glenn Beck is known for criticizing his good job and popularity. However, having gone through a lot of contradicting situations, Soros has managed never to give a damn about his haters which motivates his energy in what he does.

In conclusion, this prominent figure should be listed in the book of heroes. His significant contribution to ending communism has contributed much when it comes to European history. Based on his position in society and community support, he is in a position to bring down any government. Read his books and you will agree with me that George Soros is a hero in the current world. Through his authored books, you can get to understand more of his life challenges and projects.

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