The Storied Career of Bruce Levenson

For many folks, the world of professional basketball both begins and ends on the actual court. The players are the extension of the brand with their uniforms being the only outward sign of a cohesive force at play.Despite being one of the most popular sports in the history of the United States, many folks still do not look past what is happening on an almost nightly basis. In fact, most people never really realize how big a part the ‘above the line’ people play in the sport. For our part, we need to take a moment to look at some of the influential owners of the league. Bruce Levenson, who co-owns the Atlanta Hawks, is who we will be highlighting first.

Bruce Levenson was born in Washington D.C. but he grew up in small town Maryland He went to school at Washington University, the branch that is located in St. Louis, and he followed up that schooling by getting his law degree at American University. As you can tell from these impressive credentials Levenson was not the kind of person to sit idly by. No, it was while he was at American University that he began to chase journalism and it wasn’t long until he was completely enraptured by the world of professional sports.

But before Levenson became the influential and successful NBA owner that he is today, he had success co-founding the United Communications Group. Based in Maryland, and founded alongside Ed Peskowitz, this group specializes in data analysis for a number of the major industries that move money in the world. It was started in Levenson’s apartment and it was initially focused completely on the oil industry. Now the UCG has their hands on data for healthcare, technology, telecom and many other industries.

While it was the UCG that gave Levenson the jump start to his high profile career, it wasn’t until 2004 that he burst into a new stratosphere. As a part of the Atlanta Spirit LLC, Levenson teamed with his friend Ed Peskowitz to purchase the Atlanta Hawks alongside another group of businessmen. Levenson also acquired the Atlanta NHL property as well in the sale. Since his acquisition, Levenson has helped keep Atlanta firmly in the playoff hunt for almost every season of his ownership. He is now looking to move on to different industries and is planning on selling his share of the ownership of the franchise.

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