The Widow of Steve Jobs Makes a Name For Herself, Both Politically and Philanthropically

Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple’s co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs, is making a name for herself in both political and philanthropical circles. The 51 year-old Democrat, worth an estimated 17.6 billion dollars, is said to be one of the top donors of an effort that has already raised over $6 million dollars in support of Hilary Clinton’s presidential run.

As president and co-founder of College Track, an organization assisting minority and low-income students in preparing for college, she became deeply aware of the need for immigration reform. She witnessed, firsthand, the struggle facing California high-school graduates who are ineligible for state or federal college assistance due to their status as children of undocumented parents.

In an effort to bring awareness to this issue, she teamed up with Academy-Award winning filmmaker Davis Guggenheim to produce a 30-minute film called “The Dream Is Now” which was shown to key members of Congress. “I think there has been a great realization over the last several years that, in fact we do not wish to punish the children because of any actions from their parents”, Powell Jobs said in an interview regarding the film.

Ron Conway, a start-up investor and friend of Powell Jobs, said of her involvement in Washington that he doesn’t think she wants to be there all the time, but rather, “it is based on the necessity of the issue”. He told the Wall Street Journal that he sees her “as a catalyst, not a lobbyist”.

In addition to her contributions to Washington in the name of immigration reform, Ms. Powell Jobs is also making a name for herself in the world of philanthropy. In an interview with the New York Times, Ms. Powell Jobs said, “We’re really careful about amplifying the great work of others in every way that we can, and we don’t like attaching our names to things.”

As a result of structuring her organization, Emerson Collective, as an LLC, like a small business as opposed to a tax-exempt 501(c)(3), she is allowed the ability to invest anonymously as this route does not require public reports of its donations.

Ted Mitchell, chief executive of NewSchools Venture Fund, where Ms. Powell Jobs serves on the board, has said of her, “Laurene is a private person, they are a humble family, and they have certainly been generous.”

Once Laurene Powell Jobs returns from her yacht trip, I’m sure that she’ll continue making waves in both philanthropic and political realms.

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  • Gary Murry
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    While her late husband was openly criticized for his lack of giving, her family has been donating generously and in anonymity for more than two decades. It may also include a well research paper terms that people has been using to deceive these ones.

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