Thomas Gray and His Lasting Impact

Millions of babies are born each year in hospitals and homes around the world. Very rare is it for one little life to the saving grace for so many.

Sarah Gray found out early in her pregnancy that one of her identical twins was sick. She did however have to carry this sick child to term in order to insure the safety of his twin. When Thomas and Callum were born Callum was a healthy five pounds, but Thomas was just four pounds and was missing half of his brain.

Thomas survived six days after his birth. During her pregnancy, Sarah, had started looking at her son not as a victim but as someone who could help people. When he died, she donated his eyes, liver and blood from his and Callum’s umbilical cords for research.

Susan McGalla said that throughout the years Sarah has wondered what ever happen to those tissues of her son. She received a thank you letter telling her that Thomas’s corneas had been sent to the Schepens Eye Research Institute in Boston, and his liver and cord blood to Duke University in North Carolina.

Schepens Eye Research Institute is affiliated with Harvard Medical School. Mrs. Gray called them and asked for a tour. The next day she met with James Zieske, who is the institute’s senior scientist. She also found out where the liver and blood went. To find out more about this story please read about Thomas and his last impact.

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