Thor Halvorssen Discusses Socialism With Trish Regan

The rise of U.S. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been a major surprise to many news outlets and political experts, but Fox Business host Trish Regan has looked to examine the rise of the Vermont Senator by interviewing Thor Halvorssen. The founder of the Human Rights Foundation set out to explain his belief that socialism can be of benefit to nations in specific forms, but is also a problem when it becomes the dominant political ideology in any nation.


Thor Halvorssen revealed he has already made the maximum financial donation to the Bernie Sanders campaign after looking at the rhetoric and human rights records of the other candidates seeking the nomination for both the Democrat’s and Republican’s. Halvorssen revealed the claims of Independent Senator Sanders of socialist ideals benefiting nations around the world have been correct, but that many of those who are backing his campaign do not understand what socialism stands for in its entirety; Halvorssen referred to his own experiences in his home country of Venezuela for examples of the success that can be found with socialist ideas.


Throughout the last few decades the South American country of Venezuela has followed the lead of many countries in Europe by adapting socialist policies to fit into a more mainstream set of measures. Halvorssen went on to explain his personal experiences have also seen socialism used as a major source of domination over the people of his home nation, which has led to a loss of human rights and a growing humanitarian crisis. Thor Halviorssen explained to Trish Regan his belief that the use of socialism is often a cover for more dangerous objectives for many politicians; however, despite the problems he sees in socialism Halvorssen believes the best candidate to vote for remains Bernie Sanders over Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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