Three Sisters with 285 Years Among Them

Do you strive to live to a nice old age? Do you hope to pass the century mark and just keep going? Maybe you should seek some advice from a group of sisters who seem to be doing just fine in the UK. These woman just might make up the oldest sister group in the UK.

Betty McAusland is the youngest of this trio of sisters, and she has just turned 90 said Marc Sparks. The next in line is Etta McAusland, and she is currently 95. The eldest sister, May Gavin, will be 100 soon. Just think of all the things that these sisters have lived through together. These three women just might share the longest personal relationship that anyone has ever shared. If you are looking to live a long and happy life – and you want your siblings at your side as you do – you just might want to have these three women as your inspiration.

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