Tom Hanks Lends His Name To A Movie About Mr.Rogers

I think most everyone grew up with watching at least one episode of “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood”. In the neighborhood, Mr. Rogers talked about such good values as kindness, courtesy, manners, and consideration of others while interacting with real persons and puppet characters. Now everyone can relive part of their childhood as Tom Hanks will be stepping into the life of Mr. Rogers in the movie “Are You My Friend?”

In the storyline, Mr. Rogers (played by Hanks) is granting an interview to journalist, Tom Junod (actor TBA). At first Mr. Junod is very cynical about writing anything having to do with Mr. Rogers, but Mr. Junod realizes the power of a transformative life after spending time with Mr. Rogers. This initial meeting leads to a lasting friendship. The story will be directed by Marielle Heller, who directed “Diary Of A Teenage Girl”.

This story will begin principle shooting in September and I ,for one, can not wait. This movie sounds like a story that needs to be watched. The world has gotten more stressful for everyone, and I for one, look for inspiration everyday to combat all the negative that is banded about. We need a inspirational story, sometimes, to remind us that relationships are the things that should take priority. Plus there is Tom Hanks, an all around decent guy, whom I love to watch on the big screen. I think that Tom Hanks playing Mr. Rogers is a perfect fit.

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