Tom Rothman Considered for Top Sony Position

Recently, Amy Pascal announced that she is stepping down from her job as co-chairman at Sony Pictures Entertainment, which has created a vacancy that someone else will have to step in and fill. Pascal has had the job for 15 years, but the scandal surrounding the movie The Interview, which Pascal was solely responsible for green-lighting has led her to step down from her post.

As reported in the Hollywood Reporter, among the top candidates for the role is Tim Rothman, who is currently running the revived TriStar label on the Sony lot. He is also the former studio head of 20th Century Fox.

Rothman was in London at the time that Pascal announced that she was stepping down, so he has not been officially declared as a frontrunner for the position, but his connections and experience with the business would make him a valuable asset and an obvious choice for the next co-chairman at Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Even before the scandal surrounding the Interview, there was speculation that Rothman would be considered to replace Pascal when she decided to resign. Rothman is one of several candidates that is likely to be considered for the job, however he is one of the top two people in a position to take over Pascal’s job. One of the elements in Rothman’s favor is that at Fox he was known for having a tight hold on finances and being incredibly careful with budgets, something that many executives at Sony feel the company could benefit from, as Pascal was often criticized for overspending.

Of course there have been no official announcements made, as Pascal only just announced that she will be resigning when her current contract ends. According to her statement, she will stay on until May, presumably to help the new co-chairman transition into the role.

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