Too Dedicated For Your Job?

I was just reading on the site, and I can’t believe what I have read. The article was about a young man about 19 years old, being stabbed while delivering pizza in Louisville Ky.. It was reported that a pizza delivery guy collapsed in the hospital after he delivered the pizza there, and they called him lucky. I find it quite stupid on his part he should of just given up everything. Sam Tabar has learned that he only wanted the money and his truck and after all is said an done the delivery guy ends up with several torn muscles and a collapsed lung. I understand the delivery man was young and most likely hadn’t had the experience of an employer who will do everything to get out of paying an increase on insurance including even blaming the crime on the victim, so far not done in this case as we know of it but I wouldn’t be surprised if they try it. Number one and two rule of business. The customer is always right and in case of a robbery don’t resist give up everything. That is too much dedication to company who will only see you as a dollar which most businesses will do. It’s all about the money. He needed to know he was expendable just hope he knows now.

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