Traveling Vineyards Invests In Their People

In the early 2000s, Rick Libby was sitting outside in the beautiful sun and began thinking about a frustration she was having. How was she to know which wine to purchase if she had never tried it before? That’s when the idea to create a new company came to her. Before she knew it, she was in someone’s home showing them her new business, and the great wine. From that moment in 2001 on, the Traveling Vineyard was born.

The company was taking off and people loved Rick’s idea. Yet, behind the doors something else was going on. Not agreeing with decisions made by his partners, Libby left Traveling Vineyards for five years. In 2010, the Traveling Vineyards were biting at their decisions and could no longer hold their own. The company decided to declared bankruptcy. Still in love with his original idea and passionate about helping his independent contractors, or Wine Guides, Rick Libby pulled all the money out of his savings account and bought his company back. With this, he reinvested not only in his company but in the people, making sure they get their commission checks three times a month.

One of the things that also had changed in the few years since Libby started the business is the need for advanced technology and a social media presence. The company has taken numerous strides in this area. They created a new look, sleek look in 2014 and in 2016 began allowing credit cards to be taken. The company which has “gone from broke to grapes aplenty” can be found on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube.

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