Trending Mediums in Brazilian Advertising

Brazil is a country that is bent on revolution. Their desire to change the platform in which people communicate on is one of the greatest in the world. Very rarely in world history has a culture been so willing to change their environment and behavior in an effort to improve their lifestyle and conditions. There have been groups of people who have been oppressed throughout history, yet, their desire to experiment and experience a variety of new cultures is absolutely unheard of when compared with other cultures and groups of people. Evidence of this lies in their affinity for social media, as they are the second world leaders in social media consumption next to the United States of America, not bad for a newly developing country. Not any country in the world, whether Australia, Canada, and most countries in Europe can compete with their thirst and desire for high fashion and luxury brands, for Brazil is one of the world’s top five consumers of luxury items. This means that if I am advertising on social media and I am a luxury brand, I am more likely to connect with those from Brazil more than any other country in the world.

Understanding the trends and the desires of a country can give you a deeper understanding of the psychological drivers that are most effective when persuading people of various cultures and countries, said that therefore addicting the best possible attitudes and channels to advertise with.

By Brazil having such a profound affinity for education and desire for interacting with the world around them makes social media outlets like Amazon, Twitter or Facebook prime breeding grounds for advertising that best persuades the Brazilian people. An effective advertiser promoting a brand or service to the Brazilian people wants to demonstrate how important a luxury they are on a global scale and how they are a brand that a variety of cultures cannot live without. Demonstrating this value to them as well as demonstrating how you can enable them to effectively communicate with the rest of the world would naturally be very important to them as a Brazilian consumers.

Cláudio Loureiro, is the advertising agency founder who has changed the field of advertising as we know it. His firm identification of the major drivers that cause the Brazilian people consume products and how they consume them makes him one of the premier leaders in Brazilian advertising. His firm Heads Propaganda is best known for having a culturally diverse and profound understanding of world culture that most advertising agencies tend to lack.

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