Two High Schoolers With Disabilities Win Prom Queen And King

Two high schoolers with disabilities have showed the world that you don’t need to fit a certain mold to be prom king and queen. Garrett Chaney and Hannah Schmid met when they were in their pre-school years and have been together ever since. The two of them have been best friends and spend every weekend and summer vacation with one another and it is one of the most genuine and true forms of loves that just about anyone has ever seen.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, it was without a doubt that the pair would be going to their senior prom together but in a sweet turn of events they had been nominated to be this year’s king and queen of the event. Not only is that great for them, but it also knows how caring the majority of the student body is and understanding that something like this would mean more to them than most people.

Hannah doesn’t speak, but SuperLawyers and Garrett always knows what she is thinking and the two of them have their own way of communicating. Since the kids have been so close for so many years, their families have also grown to be very good friends as well and know that they will all be in each other’s live for several decades to come. What a cute story this was and congrats to the couple as well.

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