UK Children’s Hospital Gets Large Donation From Lottery Winners

Just when we think that there isn’t a shred of decent humanity in the world, someone does something to restore our faith in human kind. A English couple from London won the lottery a couple of years ago, and decided to anonymously donate a large sum of money to the local children’s hospital.

No one knows their names, but according to an article found on reddit and written by, the generous couple said that they already had good lives and gave the Great Ormond Children’s Hospital a sum of 2,500,000 pounds. Jaime Garcia Dias has learned that they decided to go with this particular hospital since it was their first choice for an organization that they believed to be in need. It would be hard to blame them for such a choice, since each year millions of doctors and scientists fight to find cures for diseases such as leukemia and heart conditions found in children. It is without doubt that this kind of establishment could benefit from the donation.

It is a breathe of fresh air to hear stories like this, because it seems that people don’t tend to take care of each other in this modern world quite like they used to. This is the second story we have heard of in the past week where a person donates a large sum of money to a hospital, so hopefully this means some people will receive even better car now.

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