Unicorn Hair Dye is Here to Help People Feel Magical

If you’re looking for something to spice up your current look then look no further than Lime Crime. The cosmetic brand is just what you may need to add a little color in your life. That’s because the makeup line features a variety of different products in a variety of different colors. All of the products are designed to help you stand out from the crowd and make a big and bold statement.


Lime Crime is for anyone! It’s for young and old, man or woman, rich or poor! It’s for those who truly believe in the power of makeup and all that makeup stands for. The products are for those who believe that self-expression is important. All of the products are vegan-friendly including Lime Crime’s latest creation.


Unicorn Hair Dye is new to the market and it’s sure to quickly become a big hit! That’s because the current trend is all things related to unicorns. People want to drink unicorn colored drinks, wear unicorn themed clothing, and basically embrace all that it means to be a unicorn. So does Doe Deere, the creator of the hair dye.


The Unicorn Hair Dye comes in a variety of bright and fun colors. There’s literally a different color for every personality. The dye washes out after several washes meaning that people can have fun and change up their look whenever they’d like! The Unicorn Hair Dye is also super affordable. It costs $16 for a jar. This is cheaper and way more fun than spending hundreds to get your hair dyed at a salon.


Overall, Unicorn Hair Dye is perfect for those who like to make big bold statements with their makeup. Doe Deere is one of those people. She’s always seen rocking bright lips, eyes, and hair! Now people can nail her signature look and gain inspiration thanks to the Unicorn Hair Dye. At the end of the day, everyone wants to feel good. For some, that means rocking a bright color. Thankfully, Lime Crime is around to make that goal a reality for so many people. Most physical stores don’t carry these colors and thankfully there’s a way for people to get them!

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