Upcoming ‘Jumanji’ Film To be Sequel, Not Remake

Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, are set to appear in an upcoming Jumanji film, which has been confirmed to be a sequel and not a reboot.

Robin Williams fans will rest easy now that it has been confirmed that the film will carry on the tradition of the original film instead of attempting to re-interpret it. Johnson delivered the news to worried fans and film critics via his Instagram account.

“It’s officially a wrap for Fast and Furious 8,” the post read. “I’ll soon reunite with my pals Kevin Hart and Jack Black to introduce a new generation to the tradition of Jumanji. For the record, it’s a sequel, not a reboot.”

The original film starred comedian Robin Williams as Alan Parrish, a man who was trapped within the board game for more than a quarter of a century. The movie featured a star-studded cast including Bebe Neuwirth, Kirsten Dunst, and David Alan Grier. The film is centered around theJumanji game, where Parrish becomes trapped after rolling the dice. His only means of escape is for his original opponent to complete the game. They manage to conquer the game and discard it into a river, only for a couple of children to find the game board washed into the sand at a beach.

Jumanji was given the perfect ending for a sequel and with funnymen Johnson, Black, and Hart uniting to work on the project, it appears that 2017 movie-goers are bound to enjoy some laughs on the big screen.

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