Vijay Eswaran: A Quest For Business Success

Malaysian-born business mogul Dr. Vijay Eswaran is a best-selling author, a philanthropist, an educator and motivational speaker. He’s the presiding chairman of a Hong Kong based corporation QI Group which he co-founded. Dr. Eswaran ranked 25th on Forbes Asia’s list of top-50 richest Malaysian businessmen in February 2013. Now 54, Dr. Eswaran is a published author who has penned multiple books including “In-the-Thinking-Zone” (May 2008), 18-Stepping-Stones (2010), etc.

Vijay endured somewhat of an adventurous childhood touring different towns in Malaysia. The Eswaran family had jobs that required traveling. Vijay is a graduate of prominent universities in the UK and the US. He holds a degree in socio-economics which he attained in 1984 from the London-School-of-Economics. He’s a multi-talented business professional who has served different industries. Vijay thought it necessary to become a qualified businessman after exploring binary system marketing. He earned a professional qualified at a prominent UK school, CIMA. Later he earned an MBA from SIU (Southern-Illinois-University) while juggling a part-time job at Synaptics. His interest in marketing grew and after returning to Malaysia, he received a proposal from Cosway Group to start an Asian-based franchise. Soon after Vijay Eswaran started his own business, QI Group which he co-founded in 1998. It has become a large-scale enterprise which has fostered enormous success as a multi-level brand. This brand specializes in corporate investments, media, luxury products, training, travel, wellness, and telecommunications.

QI Group serves a global market sphere, including regional offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand. The company has a presence in another ten countries through subsidiary partnership. Vijay continues to create and inspire future entrepreneurs through different media channels. He has changed the lives of countless youths through his Vijayaratnam and Rhythm Foundation. Both charitable organizations help Vijay to share his positive messages as he mentors and educates the community. In July 2011, Forbes Asia recognized Dr. Vijay Eswaran as a “Heroes-of-Philanthropy” recipient. In February 2012, he received the NGI (New-Global-Indian) accolade at the GIBM (Global-Indian-Business-Meet) held in New York. Vijay bagged accolades for two categories, business excellence, and philanthropy.

As a modern business veteran, the budding generation looks to Vijay for guidance. He has addressed fans at prominent seminars focused on business, leadership, and management, including the sixth Pravasi-Bharatiya-Divas, the WEF (World-Economic-Forum) and other events. His most recent achievement includes an accolade for Regional Philanthropy which has been endorsed by the celebrated ASLI (Asian-Strategic-Leadership-Institute) held in Malaysia.

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