Violet Pietrok is Smiling

Violet Pietrok, living in Portland, Oregon, is just two years old. Until recently, Violet had a most difficult time smiling. She was born with a rare congenital malformation called frontonasal dysplaysia As she formed in her mothers womb, the condition caused a widening of Violet’s facial features, her nose was missing cartilage.She had a central cleft in her face and a growth over her left eye. This condition is so rare that only 100 cases have been documented.

YellowPages wrote that Violet was born with this abnormal facial development, but she is now smiling, laughing and dancing. She faced major surgery 6 months ago. The surgery was aided by 3D printing which helped reshape her face.

Dr. John Meara, plastic surgeon-in-chief of Boston Children’s Hospital prepared months for Violet’s surgery. He used molds of her skull that were made using a 3D printer. Many of the molds were made during the space of time between her first birthday right up to the date of her first surgery.

Alicia Taylor, Violets mom, said that it took a ‘little while’ for Violet to get back to herself. It took six weeks of hospital living to recover from the operation in the and adjust to her new vision perception.

Taylor wants to share Violet’s story in the hope that people will become more aware of the condition and respond kindly should they meet someone born with frontonasal dysplaysia.

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