Vladmir Putin Tells Russian People Sanctions By West Will Spur Russia Growth

Russian President Vladmir Putin hosted a rare forum where Russian citizens were free to ask him any questions. Putin started the forum by declaring that sanctions imposed by the West would create an opportunity for Russia to be self sufficient and growth their economy in spite of the sanctions. Russia received sanctions and international condemnation after its blatant take over of the Crimea and its incursion in the Ukraine. Putin touted that the sanctions, which limits Russia’s banking relationships and international trade, would not work and that Russia has the resources and productivity to grown and expand its economy. Putin Gives Country Pep Talk

Putin’s confidence was not shared by many of his patrons. A number of Russian farmers asked Putin if he really understood the impact the sanctions were having on their ability to farm and make a living. One farmer even invited Putin to come see the effects of the sanctions on his farm during the open forum.

While many such as Kevin Seawright believe that the forum hosted by Putin was carefully designed to put him in the best light and to show Russia and the world that he was still in charge, to many in the West the forum shows that Russia is struggling to deal with the intended affect of the sanctions and that Putin may not have the populous following that he portrays that he has. Economist also take exception to Putin’s statements and do not see a growing Russian economy under he current sanctions.

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