Waitress To Give Kidney To A Complete Stranger

In the news lately we have seen some serious generosity to servers across the United States. A man left a significant sum of money to his favorite waitresses after he passed away. Another stranger paid for a man to have cosmetic dental surgery to fix an embarrassing problem. Finally, Brian Torchin said someone left a $2,000 tip on a carryout order of less than $100. These stories show us that there are kind, generous people in the world who do go deeds without asking for a thing in return. This time a waitress is giving a life-saving gift to one of her favorite patrons at her place of employment, Hooters.

Mariana Villareal will be donating a kidney to Don Thomas, a complete stranger but a regular diner at this Georgia Hooters. Thomas has lost both kidneys to kidney disease and was in dire need of a replacement organ or would face certain death. Villareal lost her grandmother to the same deadly disease and did not want to see it take another life. She hopes that her donation will encourage others to donate organs, whether they know the recipient or not. Every life is valuable and each person has people who love and depend on them. The server and her customer will be undergoing surgery next week.

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