Whitney Wolfe Continues to Succeed in Doing her Own Thing

     Whitney Wolfe is creating buzz and leaving a positive mark in the entrepreneurial world as a successful CEO and founder of a popular dating app, Bumble.

The road was not always a smooth journey for Whitney Wolfe. The struggle started early on when she was rejected from a marketing program while attending Southern Methodist University, Dallas, so she focused on International Studies. She later moved to LA where she developed her first app, Cardify. Wolfe then became co-founder of a dating app,Tinder, where she was the VP of Marketing resulting in the success of the app.

Just as things began to take off for Whitney Wolfe at Tinder, she encountered a horrible experience when she was suspended from Tinder after filing a sexual harassment lawsuit against her co-founders for subjecting her to various sexist comments and discrimination for being a female. This temporarily sent Wolfe into a downward spiral of depression from the backlash.

There’s a popular quote that states, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” This unfortunate event definitely made Whitney Wolfe much stronger, which fueled the creation of Bumble, the dating app which allows women to make the first move. Great things are sometimes created after an unfortunate event. Shortly after, Wolfe found her match made in heaven when she met Michael Herd, a successful entrepreneur in the restaurant and oil and gas business. They later had a beautiful fairy tale wedding on September 2, 2017 in Positano, Italy.

Ironically, Match Group, the parent company for Tinder sued Bumble for patent infringement because they felt Bubble copied their idea of the the original “Tinder Swipe.” Even more ironically, Match Group later tried to buy out Bumble for $450 million when Bubble was nearly worth 1 billion.

Some believe Whitney Wolfe is out for revenge. But she mentioned during her speech at the previous SXSW that she is not thinking about Tinder. In fact, Wolfe has continued to expand her business with two additional apps which are an extension to Bumble. The first is Bumble BFF which is an app used to find friends, and the second is Bumble Bizz, an app to network with professionals. Both apps are based on the concept to allow women to make the first move.

In closing, Whitney Wolfe responded to revenge allegations at the SXSW about Tinder by stating, “I don’t believe revenge is part of my agenda….we’re doing our own thing.” She also stated she will continue to “left swipe to their bullying and left swipe to their attempts to try to buy her out.” She will not be bullied. Wolfe also banned all gun images from the Bumble platform. This stance Wolfe is taking definitely helps the #metoo movement because she is setting the example to not remain silent and to stand for what is right and stand for her values and worth as a woman. Wolfe doesn’t have to exercise revenge, as her success speaks for itself.

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