Who is Jared Haftel?

In the world of investment, there are many individuals to watch and learn from. Jared Haftel is one of those people. Although his career is still fairly young, it’s quite plain that his future will be of great importance due to his keen insight for business along with his impressive accolades.

Jared Haftel is a financial investment banker who is well versed in multiple areas, particularly Economics and writing. Haftel was an active member of the Duke Chronicle staff during college. You can still find articles written by Jared Haftel on dukechronicle.com. Haftel began his secondary education in 2005 at Duke University and graduated in 2009 with a bachelor’s of science in Economics, Mathematics, and Science.

Haftel got his first real taste of the financial world in 2008 at Credit Suisse, where he worked as an intern for the summer. Upon completing his internship with Credit Suisse he landed his very first full-time job as a promising investment banking analyst at Bank of America. Haftel would spend two years there starting in February 2009 and leave the company in February 2011.

According to Jared Haftel’s Facebook, after he spent a couple of years working for Bank of America as a financial analyst, he moved on to begin a new chapter in his life and started working at Merrill Lynch, a prestigious wealth management firm stationed in New York City; working again as an investment banking analyst for the company as well.

He was also in charge of analyzing the aerospace, defense, and mining industries for the firm. While working at Merrill Lynch, Haftel used his expertise and knowledge in the fields of economics, mathematics, and science to provide important insights and consult technology and energy companies, including GeoEye and Console Energy.

In addition to working for Merrill Lynch and Bank of America, Haftel worked for Vector Capital for a brief period of time, which is a private equity firm that specializes in technology-based companies and their investments. He’s also published many online articles about how to prepare, dress, and present yourself for an interview regarding a financial investment banking position. In fact, one of his key articles that was published by CNN emphasizes important resume aspects concerning the investment banking industry.

Haftel is currently attending the Stanford School of Business in California in pursuit of his MBA and continues to write about important business topics.

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    Some of Haftel’s responsibilities at Merrill Lynch included keeping track of certain commodities such as chemicals and metals, which required him to put his degree in science to work. I also think that resumes planet should be the only thing most people has been expecting from to time too.

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