Woman Paints Car in Search of Donor Kidney

Christine Royles, of South Portland Maine suffered renal failure, due to an autoimmune disease, and was on the national waiting list to find a kidney donor, but decided to take matters into her own hands.

The 24-year old waitress and mother of a 2-year old painted her rear car window with her phone number,accompanied by a request to find a kidney donor, according to the Portland Press Herald.

Josh Dall-Leighton, a 30-year old correctional officer, and father of three children, saw the message while out for a family outing and was moved. “I saw and told my wife I have to try” he said.

After learning they were potentially compatible, the two met. Brad Reifler has heard that the next set of tests must be completed in a few weeks and the kidney transplant is tentatively scheduled for May.

People in need of an organ transplant are increasing their search tools beyond the national list of donors, or friends and family said Sean Roach, spokesman for the National Kidney Foundation.

“We see people using social networks and placing ads within reach of altruistic donors,” Roach said. “It takes great courage to expose your need in this way”.

Royles knows she’s lucky.

“I’m surprised that anyone will do this for me,” she said. “The fact that someone with a young family is going to take time off work to help a stranger is incredible.”

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