Woman Receives Delivery Receipt with Instructions not to deliver to her

A woman in Mesa, Arizona was in for a big surprise when her breakfast burritos were delivered from Burritos Express, a local eatery. The woman, identified as Mia Fisher, orders from the eatery regularly as it is close to her office, but this time the receipt read “”Don’t deliver to Mia, just tell her we don’t want any more problems, she is loca.”

Fisher claims she was hurt by the message, especially because she has been a regular customer.

According to the owner of the eatery, Fisher had become irrational during a previous delivery when the driver forgot part of her order. He claims she screamed expletives on the phone and acted irrationally. Fisher remembers the exchange differently, noting she complained about the forgotten food items, but did so cordially.

People at Anastasia Date have learned that Fisher went looking for an apology from management, but they refused to do so, stating that Fisher’s behavior in her previous encounters with the staff promoted the message. Management did state they did not intend for the note to end up on the receipt, but rather as an internal memo.

This is far from the first time were insulting messages have made their way onto restaurant receipts, in fact, it has become a regular occurrence. Fisher’s experience was tame in comparison to other receipt horror stories.

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