Women Writing for Wikipedia

There is probably a lot that you need to know about writing for a good Wikipedia service. However, there is probably one fact that will shock you. Most of the writers on the site are male. Certainly, in this day and age, you would think that diversity on the site would not be a major hassle. Obviously, we are talking about a key issue that dramatically affects the writing tone on the site. The fact is that some of the male writer’s are a menace to women. Perhaps, it is subconscious on their part or a learned behavior. Still, they exist to some extent.

Women Writers Encouraged
Certainly, women writers are encouraged to join the Wikipedia writing community in general. However, a few experienced women writers on the site suggest that women protect their identity. For example, set up an account on Wikipedia. Of course, you could start writing without registering accounts. However, signing up for an account is encouraged. Also get a free email account that is connected to the new Wikipedia account. Don’t add information to any of the accounts that identify your gender. For example, don’t call yourself SexyGirl, Grandma55, or DannysMom. Remain gender neutral. Do not use your real name or add personal interest.

Know The Rules
Of course, every new writer is super excited about editing their first article or writing a complete article. They would like to start immediately. Still, it is a good idea to know the rules before editing or writing. Get started by reading contributing to Wikipedia. Take any tutorials that are currently available on the site. Make sure that you are extremely familiar with the structure of the articles and maintaining the neutral point of view in all the edits and article writing. Next, start your first edits. It is also a good idea to select articles that do not elicit strong emotions. This should make it easier to maintain the neutral point of view.

Get Your Wiki
Writing that is well thought out and formatted is encouraged on Wikipedia. The learning curve might seem steep to some that are thinking about contributing articles to the site. Certainly, they realize that writing articles for Wikipedia is a way to get recognized as an expert on that topic. Good publicity is always appreciated. Let, Get Your Wiki writers compose all your articles. Their writers are experienced and familiar with a wide variety of topics. They guarantee that the articles written are accepted or your money is refunded. Contact them for more information.

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