Wrong Way Driver in Atlanta Was Suicidal

It has been announced that a wrong way driver in Atlanta was attempting to commit suicide. According to local reports, the woman has been identified as Patty Ann Cressaty, 67. Police believe the woman was suicidal when she entered Route 400 going the wrong way on Sunday morning.

She crashed her 2009 Porshe into a concrete barrier doing over 100 miles per hour, before the car spun out of control and struck two more vehicle. The vehicle then burst into flames, according to witnesses. She was pulled from the wreckage by witnesses before emergency personnel made it to the scene.

Cressaty and three others were injured in the crash. According to local reports, Cressaty was in critical condition, but awake and talking. She allegedly told doctors at the hospital that she purposely drove against traffic. The condition of the other three individuals hurt in the crash have not been released, but a hospital spokesman noted that Cressaty was the most severely injured patient from the crash.

Christian Broda has learned that the woman has been cited by police for reckless driving, but there is no word on if additional charges will be added. The citations were issues before she admitted to purposely driving against traffic. Information on the extent of her injuries was not released.

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